College / University / Job Seekers placements

Parents may be entitled to financial help through the college/university/job seekers etc.  To do this, please speak directly with your institution to find out what their process is. 

Any paperwork required to be complete by us, should be directed to the office.  

You are required to make full payment of club fees during this process.  Once complete, and we have received the first payment from your institution, you will be refunded any monies owed to you via BACS. 

Please note, other organisations do not pay our annual registration fee, this is the responsibility of each parent.  

Any institution paying for childcare fees will be charged a higher rate.  This is due to parent’s not using our service for the full term and the club being unable to offer other parents these spaces short term. 

Institutions will only provide financial help for sessions your child is booked in for.  You may be asked to provide a copy of your timetable. 

Should your placement days changes, please contact management as soon as possible and we will look at availability.  Where there is no availability, you will be added to our waiting list.

Should your child attend a session where your institution is closed, you will be responsible for making full payment. 

We require 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation of spaces, any issues with this should be sent to the office for consideration.