COVID 19 Information

Please click the link below for procedures that will be effective from our return date of Monday 26th April 2021.  This ensures we comply with Scottish Government guidance issued on 30th July to enable us to open our services.

We hope to keep things as ‘normal’ as we can for your children whilst keeping them as safe as we can.  Safety is always going to be high on the agenda right now, but please be assured your child’s wellbeing is right up there and if they need a cuddle, they will get a cuddle.

I’d like to point out some key points;

  • When dropping your child off or collecting, you will not be given access to the setting.  You will remain outdoors at a safe social distance from other adults and our staff will come to you. 
  • Any new children or current children who need additional support settling in, staff will be able to come outside and chat with you and your child at a safe distance.  Please just let the member of staff know when you are bringing your child.  We will also be filming a walk through of the service at the end of this week and will post this on our Facebook page to share with your children.  This will help them know what to expect.
  • We are liaising with the school staff to work on how we can drop children into school and collect them safely.  Any school who has staggered start times and end times will still be dropped off and collected via pre-arranged procedures with the school.
  • In order to have active engagement with test and protect, we must keep children within groups.  They will be grouped in year groups and have specific staff members assigned to the group.  This will all be recorded.  This will all be well signed and clear for your child to understand.
  • Outdoor play will be very high on our agenda and will be used as often as possible.  It is so important that you dress your child accordingly.
  • Hand hygiene and regular cleaning will be heavily promoted through each session.  Resources will be cleaned at the end of each session and before sharing with other groups.
  • We will be purchasing additional resources to ensure each group has access to plenty play opportunities.
  • You must notify us if your child has underlying health conditions that require additional care to that given.  Staff will then work on an individual risk assessment for your child.
  • If you or your child travels to our setting via public transport, please follow the transport department’s guidelines.
  • Staff have been fully involved in our risk assessment and procedure process and have been researching good practice from other services.
  • Please be clear not to send your child to our setting if your child or a family member is displaying symptoms of COVID 19, including high temperature, a new continuous cough or loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
  • Please notify our setting if your child does develop these symptoms to help adhere to test and protect.
  • If you or your family have been contacted by track and trace tracer to self-isolate, you must not attend the setting.

This all feels like very much rules rules rules…..but if we all can do our bit, we can keep providing a safe, caring and playful environment for your child.

If there is anything at all you would like me to clarify, please do get in touch.  This is new to all of us and I am keen to work together to ensure we do things right.