Please find below some frequently asked questions and answers about GO Kids. If you have any other questions please email us at contact@gokidsclub.org.

What age range can attend GO Kids?

We care for children from the age of 4 and a half to 14 years old.

Children must have finished full time nursery before starting at the club. If your child is due to stat school in August, they can attend our summer playscheme.

Where do you operate from?

During term time we operate from 4 primary schools in the Falkirk area.

Comely Park, Falkirk – from the dinner and gym halls

Kinnaird, Larbert – from a modular building on the school grounds

St. Margarets, Polmont – from the music room and another room near the back of the building.

Victoria, Falkirk – from the dinner and gym halls

During school holidays we operate one setting, usually one of our own settings above, however if these are not available it may be another school/hall setting within the Falkirk area. We will communicate this on all of our booking information. Location depends on a let from the Falkirk Council.

Do you accept children from other schools?

If there are spaces available at one of our settings nearby we can accept children from other schools. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to provide transport for their children to the club. We take responsibility for children once they have arrived in the setting.

How can I book my child into GO Kids?

Please email us on contact@gokidsclub.org with your requirements and we will send you the relevant information documents & booking forms.

Holiday booking forms will be sent to the email address that we have on record when available.

For children that already attend GO Kids, forms for the next school year are sent out annually in February. All children are guaranteed the spaces that they currently attend however any extra session required are subject to availability of spaces and position on the waiting list. It is important to send this form back as soon as possible, as you can imagine with 4 sites and over 200 children attending the reallocation of spaces is a long process.

How much to you charge?

Please see our page https://gokidsclub.org/times-prices/ for our current prices. These are reviewed annually.

How can I make payments to the club?

We accept payment via direct bank transfer, national savings/tax free childcare or by childcare voucher. Please use your child’s name as reference. For all national savings/tax free childcare, please contact management with your reference code.

Full details for bank transfer and voucher payments are noted on each invoice.

Please contact management if you wish to use an alternative voucher company.

All invoices are issued via email prior to the first of each month and are paid in arrears. Fees are due to be paid within 5 working days of the 1st. Failure to make payment on time may result in a late payment fee or spaces being withdrawn.

What are your opening times?

GO Kids are open Monday – Friday excluding the 2 weeks of Christmas and public holidays.

Comely Park (term time): 8am-9am & 3.00pm – 6.00pm.

Kinnaird (term time): 8am-9am & 3.15pm – 6.00pm.

St Margaret’s (term time): 8am-9am & 3.15pm-6.00pm.

Victoria (term time): 3.00pm – 6.00pm.

Office hours: 9am – 5pm.

Playschemes: 8am – 6pm (8.15am – 5.45pm pending covid guidelines)

What sort of activities can the children access at GO Kids?

We encourage the children to play outside for at least part of their time with us every day where they have access to lots of outdoor toys e.g. balls, scooters, skipping ropes etc. It is important that all children are dressed appropriately for the weather (please let us know if you would like to store some play clothes at GO Kids for your child).

Inside children can play with a large range of age appropriate toys e.g. kitchen areas, cars, dolls, board games, card games. Staff also regularly arrange craft activities and pampering treats like nail painting, hair braiding and face painting. We also encourage the children to participate in risk management by providing activities such as basic DIY, bonfire building and safety and by taking them out for walks to local parks.

At times, children may be allowed to access electronic equipment like tablets, mobile phones and games consoles at certain times and under strict supervision (please note that they are not allowed to post on Social Media or take videos and pictures of other children/staff while in the club).

We also can teach the children skills like cooking by allowing them to participate in the preparation of snack and by making healthy treats. Children will also have access to quieter activities should they choose them e.g. drawing, reading, TV time.

During special times of the year (Halloween, Christmas, end of term) there may be some special activities, if the children need to bring anything into the club we will communicate this to the parents/guardians. This will be kept at a minimum though and children will always be allowed to participate with all activities regardless.

Do you provide holiday playschemes?

Yes, we open during all holidays except the 2 weeks of Christmas and public holidays. Playschemes open pending demand for the service.

All dates are currently subject to COVID 19 Government Guidelines in place.

We open in 1 service for all holiday clubs which is subject to a location confirmation from the Falkirk Council. This is always in the Falkirk area. Once a let is received we issue booking forms via email with full details. All spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis. Please note: waiting lists may be used once at capacity.

If you wish to be added to our holiday mailing list, please email: contact@gokidsclub.org. Parents with children who already attend the service are automatically added to this.

Do you have waiting lists in place and how can I add my child to them?

We operate a waiting list for all of our clubs. Kinnaird in particular is very extensive and so we recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible. We currently have waiting lists for the next 4-5 years so never to early to get added.

All spaces allocated are offered on a first come first served basis therefore the earlier you can get your child on it the better. We have had new born babies added to our waiting lists! If you are unsure what your requirements will be you can still be added to the waiting list. We will be in touch closer to the time that your child will start school in order to confirm whether you still need the space or not and confirm requirements. You will be added to the waiting list on the date we receive a completed waiting list document.

There is no charge for being added to the waiting list and it is no problem if when the time comes, you don’t need the space after all.

Please email us at contact@gokidsclub.org for a waiting list form.

What should I do if my child will not be attending GO Kids due to illness or an appointment?

Please contact your club directly if your child is ill, has been sent home from school, is being picked up from school or has an appointment after school or won’t be attending for any other reason. The schools will not pass on messages to us as they have their own workload. If you call when the club is not open please leave a voice message or send a text message that the staff will get when they arrive in the club. The contact numbers for the clubs are as follows;

GO Kids Comely Park: 07762082764

GO Kids Kinnaird: 07902087229

GO Kids St. Margarets: 07751365335

GO Kids Victoria: 07923655224

What procedures do you have in place for keeping the children, parents/carers and staff safe from COVID 19?

Please see our page https://gokidsclub.org/covid-19-information/ for all information regarding our additional procedures regarding COVID 19.

If your child or anyone in their household has tested positive for COVID 19 it is important to contact your club to let them know.

Do you open the last day of term?

We will be open for breakfast club as normal (excluding Victoria). After school depends on demand for the service in both June and December. Please note: We have been closed for after school the last 2 years.

At Victoria, our last day is the last full day of term.