Aims and Objectives

  • Our aim is for GO Kids to be seen as a valuable and quality service enjoyed by children and young people of all ages. 
  • Our aim and focus is on one simple word……‘play’.  GO Kids strongly believe children benefit greatly from having an opportunity to simply play.  More of this can be seen in our play policy
  • We aim for the play experiences we offer our children and young people to be varied and exciting. We take into account the views and knowledge of the children and young people who attend our service.    
  • Our aim is to change perception of after-school care of perhaps a stop-gap, to a valuable service where children want to be. 
  • Our aim is to provide and maintain a quality, affordable out of school care service. 
  • We aim to provide a safe, fun and stimulating environment for children and young people and provide peace of mind for parents/carers. 
  • We aim to regularly evaluate and develop all aspects of our service. 
  • We aim to promote equal opportunities in employment and in service provision.