GO Kids Comely Park

Welcome to Go kids comely park

Our Staff

Sarah-Jane-Support worker

General Information

Address – Comely Park Primary School, Cow Wynd, Falkirk FK1 1PZ

Registration Number – CS2003011431 (56 Children)

Direct Number – 07762082764

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Location –

Comely Park kids club runs from the dining/gym halls within the school.  We can be accessed via the door next to the giant pencils in the playground.  Please press the bell and a member of staff will answer. Please note that no adults other than staff will be permitted into the school building.

Routine –

Breakfast Club – children can have breakfast up to 8:45am, they can choose from toast, bagels, fruit, yogurt or cereal bars. Children play with resources in their allocated areas before being asked to help tidy up and get ready for school from 8:50 am.  At 9am, staff escort all children to their lines outside school and await the presence of their teacher.

After school – Primary 1 and 2 children are collected by a member of staff from their classrooms. All other children come to the dining hall & gym hall, in their allocated areas, from their classrooms. The children are reminded to wash their hands after using the toilet, when coming in from outside and before and after eating.  Children all sit in their allocated areas while members of staff carry out a register and communicate the days activities on offer.  Children play indoors before snack is served around 3:30pm. We will be encouraging the children to play outdoors as much as possible therefore it is important that you ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for the weather.

Children are offered a selection of snacks throughout the week. All snacks take into account our Healthy Eating Policy and any allergies or Cultural dietary requirements. All children are encouraged to have the snack on offer, a piece of fruit or a drink of water. Staff will ensure that the children wash their hands before and after eating.  

The children then enjoy the rest of the session’s activities or play with the resources indoors or outdoors. At the moment we are discouraging children from bringing their own toys in from home so that we can ensure that all resources are clean and safe to play with.

Children can be collected at any time before 6pm. Please press the door bell beside our door and a member of staff will answer.

Additional information –

  • We predominately work to a 1:8 ratio but can also  work to a 1:10 ratio.  Any outings result in a 1:5 ratio.
  • An adult is responsible to sign your child out of the service (from the list given on your registration form).
  • We are not permitted under any circumstance to allow anyone to return to the classrooms once school in over.
  • It is important that you contact the club if your child will not be attending.  It is not the schools responsibility to inform us if your child has been absent or sent home. Management don’t always pick up emails on time, we would kindly ask you to direct all reports of absence to your club direct.
  • Children are encouraged to play outdoors as much as possible. Please ensure that your child has suitable clothing for the weather e.g. waterproof jacket, sunhat.