GO Kids Kinnaird


Our Staff

General Information

Direct mobile number – 07902087229

Registration Number – CS2007151911 (52 children)

Kinnaird Primary School, 808 McIntyre Ave, Larbert FK5 4TQ

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We are based in the first modular building next to the schools pitch, through the green gates to the left hand side.  Access is via the outside ramp. Please press both bells 1 & 2 and a member of staff will come to the door. No adults, other than staff will be allowed into the club building.


Breakfast club – children can be dropped off from 8am. Please ring the bell at the door & a member of staff will collect your child from you. Please note that no adults are permitted to enter the portakabin in order to adhere to Government Social Distancing Guidelines.  They are served a variety of different breakfast food until 8:50am.  The children have access to all resources & activities in their allocated areas or can go outside to play.  Just before 9:00am the staff escort the children to school, until their teacher collects them.

After School – P1 are collected from the P1 area where a member of staff will be waiting . P2 & 3 children are taken to the dinner hall where they are met by the staff from their bubble. All other children make their own way from their class to G.O. Kids and enter their allocated area where they are greeted by the staff & a register is taken. Children are encouraged to wash their hands on entering the club, when using the toilet and before and after eating.  No child needs to leave the school grounds to get to G.O. Kids.  During registration staff will tell the kids what will be happening during the session and will remind them of our new rules regarding hygiene and safety.  All children are encouraged to play outside for most of the session.  We have access to the playground area directly outside the cabin & the schools football pitch and have lots of outdoor toys, however children are welcome to take toys from inside out.

Snack – We encourage our children to take an active part in the selection & preparation of all of our snack options.  All of our snack options take into account our Healthy Eating policy & also consider any allergy or dietary requirements in the club.  Children eat snack in their group area or outside, they are encouraged to wash their hands before and after eating.  All cultural dietary requirements are respected & vegetarian options will always be available.  Snack begins at 4pm.  The children are encouraged to come into the snack room & at least have a drink of water & a piece of fruit if they do not want to try the snack on offer.

Children are then free to play with any of the resources on offer.  These include; arts & crafts materials, board games, construction toys (e.g. Lego & Kennex), imaginative play resources (e.g. kitchen area, shop area/toys, dress up costumes); Outdoor resources such as balls, bats, scooters, skate boards and much more.  If there is anything in particular that your child enjoys doing please let the staff know.  We are more than happy to source any toys/activities that we don’t already have. Children are discouraged from bringing in any toys from home so that we can ensure that all resources are clean and safe for the children to play with.

Children can be collected any time before 6pm from the portacabin door/school gate.Please let us know if they will be collected by someone who does not usually collect them or is not on the preapproved list on your registration form.


We predominately work to a 1:8 ratio but can also work to a 1:10 ratio.  Any outings result in a 1:5 ratio.

Please contact the club directly on the above number if your child will not be attending GO Kids for any reason.  The school will not let us know if children have been absent or have been sent home from school.  Staff are in the club from 2:45 however if you call before this time & leave a voice message the staff will pick it up when they get in.

We are not allowed under any circumstances to allow anyone back into the school building once school has finished.  The staff will remind the children in p1-p3 to get all of their belongings but cannot be held responsible for anything left at school.

We try to encourage the children to play outside for at least part of the session every day in all weather.  Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing (jacket, hat, gloves in the winter/ Sun hat in the summer) for all weather conditions.

If your child attends an after school club in the school (gymnastics/football/martial arts etc) on a day that they attend GO Kids please let us know & we will be more than happy to take them over & collect them for you.